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New Year, New Priorities

With all the devastation that has occurred over the last few months to our stunning country, instead of feeling helpless and disillusioned (which I have done), like many others, BLAC. is making many changes to assist in creating a more sustainable world. We will be joining the Architects Declare movement in becoming carbon neutral. And I urge you to do the same.

Step one is to switch to 100% Certified GreenPower by the end of this month. It's easy to do. Just call your current energy provider and ask to switch over to 100% Certified GreenPower. Buying 100% GreenPower means you are supporting renewable energy, not coal. Most importantly, it will mean that you will have no carbon emissions associated with your electricity usage.

As a start, if we all make small contributions, the overall impact can be enormous. We can make a change.

#climatecrisis #australianbushfires #carbonneutral #greenpower #bushfirecrisis

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