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ADVICE | A Good Time to Nurture

After witnessing the heartbreaking events across the country over the summer break our focus returns to our projects, but also to a more wholesome and holistic approach to the work that we do. 

Appreciation and respect are paramount in today's society. We need to take stock of what we have. Our homes and gardens are a huge part of our lives and provide the platform from which so many precious memories are made. And our gardens need to be nurtured accordingly.

To assist in enabling your garden to be the best it can be, we are now offering two new services from the BLAC. studio. 


For existing clients with an established BLAC. garden, we are offering a scheduled site visit to ensure your garden is growing as per the original design. Peta will personally assess the garden and submit a report of suggested actions to ensure the design integrity is maintained and that it will mature as intended. 

HORTICULTURAL MAINTENANCE From the moment your garden has been installed, it needs to be nurtured. Whether you're an avid gardener or a weekend potterer, your investment should be visited by a qualified horticulturalist at least twice a year to ensure ultimate plant health and maturity. We can arrange a seasonal visit or provide you with a suggested schedule based upon your gardens' requirements for your consideration.

To enquire or make a booking look on the website under SERVICES, HORTICULTURE for further information. 

We sincerely look forward to visiting and nurturing your garden very soon.

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