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ADVICE | Should we invest in landscaping?

Landscaping is an expensive exercise. But there is nothing that completes a house quite like a professionally designed, constructed and maintained garden. The industry standard is to spend around 15 to 20% of the value of your property on the landscape. Which can add up to a substantial amount of money. And it is certainly not just a few $5 plants from Bunnings. Realistically, your landscape is what influences your lifestyle. It is an investment in how you want to live your life. From having an electronic gate to open as you drive into your garage for safety and security, to making memories with family and friends around the pool on those hot summer days, or listening to your automated irrigation system turn on at 6am and smiling assuringly knowing that your garden is being nourished while you can go about starting your day. From an investment perspective, Director Trent Cameron From Warlimont and Nutt Real Estate in Mount Martha believes wholeheartedly that a well-designed garden can have a great influence on the price of a property. Trent says " a garden changes the way people feel about a home."

This was indeed the case with our recent Beechwood project. "As soon as buyers entered through the front pedestrian gate, they said 'wow, this is beautiful'." Trent believes this reaction was a result of the emotive plant selection and feel of the garden as you approached the home. "The design gave the whole property structure and a great flow from front to back." The sale of Beechwood achieved a record high price for Bay Road Mount Martha. "I believe the garden design and plant selection went a long way to help to achieve this result," says Trent. Of course, you can invest to sell, or you can invest in the future of your family and the value of your property. Either way, this investment must generate an emotive reaction to your space. It is this emotive connection to a property that becomes priceless.

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