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SPRING | In the Garden

Spring has finally sprung and my annual obsession of blossom and bulb spotting is well underway.

I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of garden jobs for you to do now to ensure your garden continues to look its best as we slowly move our way toward summer.


  • Lightly prune all native plants as soon as they finish flowering. Natives need this prune each year to promote a thick healthy growth habit.

  • Deadhead any winter flowering plants and place in the compost or green bin for recycling.


  • Rejuvenate your lemon tree now.

  • Lemons, oranges, and mandarins will take hard pruning. Cut back thin and dead branches, branches that are crossing over, and all other branches to a height you can reach.

  • Remove grass from around the trunk and feed well with dynamic lifter and citrus food.

  • Spray with White Oil to detract citrus leaf miner ensuring you spray the new leaves to prevent the adults from laying their eggs


  • Check irrigation systems are functioning properly, clearing blockages and replacing parts if needed.

  • Call in a specialist if you have to. There is no better safeguard for your garden than a well-functioning irrigation system.


  • Aerate, dethatch and give the lawn a good feed with organic lawn fertiliser.

  • Remove any weeds and top dress any uneven areas.

  • If there are any bare patches, sow lawn seed. Keep seeds moist during germination to prevent issues with establishment.


  • Feed and water gardenias well.

  • If old leaves are yellowing, water the soil with one tablespoon of Epsom salts in a watering can.

  • For yellowing young leaves apply iron chelates or sulphate of iron.


  • Grab a delivery of fine dark composted mulch from your local landscape supplier and apply a 100 to 150mm layer to all garden beds.

  • Make sure you leave a 150mm gap around all trunks and stems to prevent rot.

  • Feed all plants with a scattering of Dynamic Lifter or Dynamic Lifter for Natives. Water in well.

  • If some of your plants need a good boost, use liquid Powerfeed (dosage as per the instructions) every fortnight or so and watch them GROW!


  • Rejuvenate the soil in all of your pots if it is over a year old.

  • Purchase a high quality potting mix and top dress your pot plants. Water in well.

  • Feed with an indoor liquid fertiliser

  • Don't forget to increase watering as the temperature rises throughout the season.

  • If your plant is pot bound, remove the plant from the pot, lightly trim the root ball (trying to keep as much soil around the roots as possible) and place into a larger pot with high quality potting mix. Water in well and then apply a light dose of Seasol to encourage good plant health.

Most importantly, relish the delicious warmth in the air, get outside, get into the garden, and enjoy the delights of spring!

Peta x

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